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We’ve reimagined financial services to reduce barriers and bring financial advice to all. Now, with Becketts Connect you can
access the advice you need and deserve.

Connecting is our purpose.

Our team of financial planners is the best you’ll find. This is more than a belief, because it’s deliberate. It’s what we wanted to be. Our professional advisers are highly qualified and highly experienced. We work together, and look out for each other. And we treat our clients with the same care and respect. We do this because we know it works. The whole team understands our purpose, and it leads to great outcomes.

To be the best is to always strive to do better. We want to help clients more. We want to offer clients more. We want to continuously improve. Which brings us to the question: Why does Becketts Connect exist?

Only a third of people get financial advice. What stops the rest? Well, that’s the advice gap.

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Around 39 million adults in the UK fall into the advice gap. We believe our industry has a responsibility to change that. Good financial advice leaves people much better prepared for life events, big or small.

James Thompson

Chartered Financial Planner & Director

James - Becketts Connect - Chartered Financial Planner
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The reasons for the advice gap.

A shortage of financial advisers created supply and demand pressures, and this caused price increases. This led to the belief that financial advice is just too costly for many.

Regulation – fully supported by Becketts – created improvements for consumers. We always believed changes were necessary. But some institutions stopped offering advice – further compounding the problem. Hence, the advice gap.

Affordable Financial advice is beneficial for everyone. This is where we come in. We’ve created our service using all the knowledge, experience and expertise gained over the previous 25 years.

How we do it

We've streamlined

Our experience has allowed us to develop a model using some clever tech to streamline back-office functions. Our service is delivered by real-life Becketts humans.

And embraced technology

We love to talk, and we'll use video calls when it's appropriate as it's an excellent cost saving. But we're available to meet if you prefer. Any excuse for a coffee and a chat.

To offer what you need

You'll only pay for the services you use. We'll advise what we think is best for you as we go, and you'll have all the information you need to choose more if you wish.

Let’s talk about fees.

Our advice fees start at about the cost of an average gym membership. No really. Our fees begin at £41.25 per month. Did you know that average Brits spend around £40 a month on unwanted subscriptions? Whereas our fees are a worthy investment in your future. We think it’s a win win.

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29% believe advisers 'only' offer advice, but our fees cover your planning and investment management

Three reasons why we exist


Considerably more people don’t, than do, have financial advice. Our industry calls this the “advice gap.” We think advice should be available to all who want it.


Get expert advice from human financial advisers, but pay only for the services you want. Need more? Pick fixed-fee services from our shopping list.


You’ll always get your advice from a human adviser. We don’t use robots. And we’re here if you want to speak to your financial planner face-to-face.

Meet the connect team

Mark Brown - Profile

Mark Brown


Financial Planner

Dominic McLoughey - Profile

Dominic McLoughey


Chartered Financial Planner

James Thompson - Profile

James Thompson


Chartered Financial Planner

Nick Gregson - Profile

Nick Gregson

Trainee Financial Planner

Diana Mallinson - Profile

Diana Mallinson


James talking to a Becketts Connect colleague about a client.

Becketts Financial Services

Our award-winning parent brand, where we’ve been developing our knowledge, experience and expertise for over 25 years. This is how we help you connect to your future.

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Get tailored, ongoing support from a financial adviser who understands your needs and fights to protect your wealth. This is how we keep you on the path to your goals, reassessing and offering guidance as circumstances change.

Get tailored, ongoing support from a financial adviser who understands your needs and fights to protect your wealth. This is how we keep you on the path to your goals, reassessing and offering guidance as circumstances change.

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