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What will it cost? It’s a fair question, and it’s fair to say it’s one of the first things we get asked. You want to know that the fees you pay are a worthy investment in your future. At Becketts Connect we know it is, as research shows that those who get financial advice see better outcomes than those who do not. On this page we’ll show your fees, and explain how we calculate them.

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Total initial cost


Ongoing annual cost


Ongoing portfolio fees

This table shows an example cost breakdown for our Index Medium Portfolio, based on investable assets of £100,000.

Adviser Fee0.75%£750.00
Platform Fee0.25%£250.00
DFM Fee0.15%£150.00
Fund Charges0.16%£160.00
Total Charges1.35%£1,310.00

Becketts Connect ongoing fees represent a saving of £500.00 per year when compared to the market average fees. See market average fee breakdowns.

Ongoing Adviser Fee0.80%£800.00
Platform Fee0.30%£300.00
DFM Fee0.25%£250.00
Fund Charges0.50%£500.00
Total Charges1.85%£1,850.00

How we calculate your fees

Initial fee

The initial fee is a one-off charge for Becketts Connect financial advice. It covers our initial client discovery – where we find out about your needs and goals and put everything into motion. It is calculated as a percentage of your investable assets under our management, with a minimum fee of £500.

AmountAsset Level
3%£0 - £124,999
2%£125,000 - £249,999

Annual fee

Our ongoing advice fee is calculated as three-quarters of one per cent (0.75%) of your investable assets under our management, payable annually. The annual fee is subject to a minimum charge of £495.

Financial Plan Fee

An industry-leading fixed financial planing fee, inclusive of a bespoke financial forecast, tailored to individuals or couples.

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